Single parent dating sites allow you to meet and chat online safely with other single parents to build a rapport before deciding to take things further and meet up.

This is the tagline for the social network, my Yearbook.

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Single parents can find it hard to find the time to devote to dating.

Meeting other local UK single parents is usually bottom of the to do list.

Members can donate their lunch money to real charities.

At the end of every month, my Yearbook exchanges donated lunch money for real money and writes a real check.

Members can also enter sexual orientation, body type, height, political views, ethnicity, children, religion, income, living situation, smoker or drinker. My Yearbook requires real names and members can link to their Facebook profile. Users can share as much or as little profile information as they wish.

By default, all profiles are available for other members to view but members can change their settings to restrict who can view their profile.

With free time hard to come by, single parent dating sites are the ideal way for single parents to meet each other without leaving the house or paying for a babysitter.