The company created a whole cast of characters with varying opinions on the very real proposition.

When they aren't debating, the game returns to his Monsters like vampires and werewolves are par for the course in teen literature and corset-rippers wanting to add just a little bit of edge.

This series from the creator of Record of Lodoss War is the season's best option for fans of traditional RPG fantasy, but pickings in that genre can be slim.

We explore what Grancrest War has going for it compared to its old-school peers.

His latest starring role, alongside Horus and Anubis, is a romantic option in a high school otome game. Attempts to woo him with anything else will not suffice, so players are left endlessly tapping on sea cucumbers to collect and present to their amour in hopes of garnering his affections (and unlocking new outfits and voice content).

The sea cucumbers themselves have the added bonus of looking like turds floating in the water.

We churned through over a dozen episodes to find out.― Our team of reviewers are following 28 anime series of the Winter 2018 season and readers are rating each episode as the reviews go up.

So let's have a look at what ANN readers consider the best (and worst) of the season. Donkey Kong 3 is a pretty radical gameplay departure from the first two games: it has a ...― Madoka Magica may have set the standard for dark and tangled magical girl series, but it was hardly the first of its kind.Within the last few years, partially in thanks to , the format has a progressively more ridiculous approach.Potential boyfriends and girlfriends might not be human anymore, much less attractive non-humans, as creators veer into more and more comedic set-ups. aesthetic ended up being little more that advertisements for actual electronic brands.They just so happen to also be 100 years old and really buff. Beneath their intimidating physiques is a warm heart that wants to enjoy the Sports Festival, celebrate Valentine's Day, or take a trip to the beach.If you win her over, does she subject you to hours looking at old photo albums and watching The Hallmark Channel? who had some opinions on Prime Minister Shinzō Abe's proposed constitution revision to allow Japan's military to deploy and involve itself foreign skirmishes.There are some twists on the old formula: the “bugs” have become humanoid, mankind is partly responsible for ...