She manages to stop the bleeding, but is distraught when Nick later dies anyway.

Feeling sympathy for Lexie, Cristina invites her to join her and Meredith in drinking and dancing, causing the sisters relationship to begin to thaw.

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She has a high aptitude for both plastics and neurosurgery and is generally seen as one of the better young surgeons at the hospital often being asked to assist on many of the higher profile surgeries.

The night before her internship begins, Lexie meets Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey) at Joe's Bar, mirroring his initial meeting with Meredith.

Eventually named a surgical resident, the character was originally contracted to appear for a multi-episode story arc, but received star billing in the fourth season.

The character's focal storyline involved a romantic relationship with plastic surgeon Mark Sloan (Eric Dane).

Lexie is incredibly sympathetic and empathetic often becoming very emotionally invested in her patients and their families.

She uses her photographic memory often to help the other surgeons as well as herself.

She begins to develop romantic feelings for George, and discovers that he had only failed his intern exam by one point, encouraging him to try and convince the Chief that he deserves a second chance.

Lexie continues to harbor romantic feelings for George, oblivious to the fact that he doesn't see her in the same way.

When Meredith scolds Lexie for not looking after Thatcher, she finally retaliates and decides to stop pursuing a relationship with Meredith.