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Our official website has links to many sites created by our members. If you choose to avail yourself of these rooms, whatever happens is solely your responsibility.

We suggest that you do not participate in any of them.

With a simple 3 step setup, your clients will be able to contact you via your messenger account.

The module also allows you to hide it from non registered...

Recall this Rule of the Earth: “Do not complain about anything to which you need not subject yourself.” But this simple protocol has been ignored by those who participate in chat rooms.

The behavior therein is completely contradictory to the practices of the Church of Satan.

We have observed this mode of communication, which originally was intended as a means for those who enjoy each other to carry on an online conversation, degenerate into a form of territoriality in which participants in different rooms form cliques and then try to act as if this is some sort of factionalism in the Church of Satan itself.

It is not; it is simply childish behavior on the part of members and even titled officials of our organization.

When people were dissatisfied with a particular chat room, they were told to form a new one of their own, which would then be their own place in which to chat with their friends and colleagues.