Seems to me that newspapers are far more advanced and reliable on this issue than the shiny new social media.” ****** This seems unusual.

Watch him on Landmark Live--not sponsored by Dick’s--every Thursday night at 6 p.m. This is, after all, a story I never thought we’d be reporting. So this week I posed the “how did it happen” question to Major Erik Holland. There are shatter points on it but it is still a solid piece.

Email [email protected])It took nearly 20 years but it finally happened. The answer is interesting--almost fascinating--on a variety of levels. Using his head, he is able to break the frame of the window free and push the window through the opening into the parking lot of the facility. I don’t want people to think this glass broke into pieces,” Holland emphasized. ****** While Wilson is attempting to get through the window, he may or may not have been hit by a taser fired by the jailhouse officer.

If you want two all session tickets you can still get them.

The email said “limited tickets on sale,” so if you’re dying to go might want to jump on it soon.

Mike’s is the voice you hear announcing player’s names as they came up to bat.

Well, he announces more things than that throughout the course of every home game, but you get the idea.****** I may start buying my fishing equipment somewhere other than Dick’s. Join Chris Kamler and me this Thursday night on Landmark Live when we’ll talk a spring topic--Royals baseball.****** One time I hooked a fish so big the picture weighed 13 pounds. We’ll have Mike Mc Cartney, the public address announcer at The K, as our guest.It has been a while since I’ve mentioned Guy Speckman, my second favorite newspaper publisher in the state.Speckman owns the Savannah Reporter and pens a column each week entitled Ponder the Thought.I just noticed in my Paypal account a quarterly residual payment has arrived.