The one in which the church fell on a vacant house next door?You may recall a media company signed us to a deal, tossed us some front money and then started promoting our video in various markets overseas.

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******* One reason Big 12 tourney tickets might still be available is that there are other folks thinking like me--the local KU team is primed for a flame out in the post-season. ****** Caving to political correctness, Dick’s Sporting Goods has announced it will stop selling certain rifles.

This came as a surprise to most of us, who had no idea Dick’s even sold rifles.

By the way, we still own the copyright to the video and you can still view it for funsies on my You Tube channel at https://

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My man Speckman was in fine form last week with some thoughts on political ads on social media.

Here’s what he wrote: “I have laughed at the Facebook and social media statements that they are going to take steps to know who is buying political ads in the future. On top of the fact that we actually provide advertisements that people read, watch and listen to, established old school media have been meeting the legal requirements of disclosure for decades.

“Hopefully they can catch up to us old, seasoned pros in the near future in terms of legal compliance and understanding of their obligation to not spread and disseminate false information.

“One Missouri lawmaker compared newspapers to “horse and buggy” days last year.

Watch him on Landmark Live--not sponsored by Dick’s--every Thursday night at 6 p.m. This is, after all, a story I never thought we’d be reporting. So this week I posed the “how did it happen” question to Major Erik Holland. There are shatter points on it but it is still a solid piece.

Email [email protected])It took nearly 20 years but it finally happened. The answer is interesting--almost fascinating--on a variety of levels. Using his head, he is able to break the frame of the window free and push the window through the opening into the parking lot of the facility. I don’t want people to think this glass broke into pieces,” Holland emphasized. ****** While Wilson is attempting to get through the window, he may or may not have been hit by a taser fired by the jailhouse officer.

Seems to me that newspapers are far more advanced and reliable on this issue than the shiny new social media.” ****** This seems unusual.