In the Bad Seeds frontman’s novel the lead character, Bunny Munro, is obsessed with the two singers.

Filmmaker Andrew Dominik was chatting to his The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford musical collaborator Cave at the Sunset Marquis hotel bar in West Hollywood for Interview magazine when fellow Antipodean Minogue, who was in town to play new music for record executives to hear, stumbled in and became part of the in depth expose.

After exchanging pleasantries, Dominik took the chance to chat to Minogue about her thoughts about Cave, who she worked with on his Murder Ballads hit Where the Wild Roses Grow.

"Well, it would have been her, because Hannah Montana rhymes with savannah.

That might sound flippant but actually it's tiny things like that that propel the writing process along.

Ray is interesting because he's one of these wonderful character actors that really are who you think they are."A lot of actors aren't. And Kylie, we're just friends who hadn't seen each other in a long time."Would it be a Nick Cave featuring Kylie record, or a Kylie record backed by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis?

You can't believe that you're meeting the person who played this person when you actually meet them. "I would be interested in writing a Kylie record - not performing on it - but writing a Kylie record.She told the writer/director, "I can tell you that few men have really been very influential in my career, but he's one of them." She added, "When (former boyfriend) Michael Hutchence said to me, 'My friend Nick wants to do a record with you....' Maybe we were on holiday somewhere.Anyway, the message got passed, and then nothing happened for six years." Cave rejoined the conversation and revealed he has a very hazy recollection of the time he spent recording the track with Minogue, who had to set up the meeting by calling the rocker's mother. and then I called you, but you were out, so I left a message with your mum. In the film you and Warren Ellis talk about the remarkable effect Nina Simone has on an audience - when did you realise you had that same effect on your fans? He was way ahead of me in the interview, from a psychiatric point of view or something like that."It's difficult for me, I'm not trying to be humble here, but it's difficult for me to feel I have that sort of effect. "Yeah, exactly, it's like a post-coital cigarette."You've said in the past that you're not a fan of the 'culture of confession' - how did that chime with the lengthy analysis segment in the movie? He was tying threads together within the interview - it was pretty awesome."Did you have anything cut out at your behest? To be honest, at the end of the day, the only bits I cut out was when I didn't look good! Just, 'I look like f**king s**t there, get rid of it'."There was live footage that I had cut out.She was famous then but not the pop culture phenomenon she is now.