Thiri said that Tagged “is a lot like using Facebook.” Members can create a free profile containing photos and personal information and can search for other members by name, email address and even schools where users may have attended.

However Tagged, which based in San Francisco and was launched in 2004, distinguishes itself from Facebook and other social networking sites because, “While other offerings focus on existing relationships, Tagged has established the category of social discovery.” Tagged’s website also states that it has more than 100 million members in 220 countries (oddly, that’s 27 more countries than the number that actually exist) and its “Meet Me” feature creates 2.4 million matches every day.

Open Net Initiative (ONI) said in its October 2012 report that there was a “drastic” reduction in the number of filtered sites since testing in Myanmar began in 2005.

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As Thiri scrolled through Tagged on her smartphone, I noticed that her profile has been viewed more than 4000 times and that she has 886 pending connection requests, the vast majority of which are from men.

She said “A lot of people try to connect with me, but I don’t choose people who I think might be nasty.

For example, requires “a declaration of vegetarian strictness” before setting up a personal advertisement on their site.

In Myanmar, by contrast, online dating sites such as were blocked until at least as recently as last year.

I never lied about myself, so I was a lucky one.” Her friend then chipped in with a giggle, “But you are beautiful and wealthy…” Ei Mon San and Sai Aung Zaw Tun met on Google Talk and married four years later.

" data-medium-file=" w=300&h=225" data-large-file=" w=474" class="size-medium wp-image-2465" alt="Ei Mon San and Sai Aung Zaw Tun met on Google Talk and married four years later." src=" found blocked were gambling websites, online dating sites, sex education, and gay and lesbian content.” However the dating websites listed as blocked by ONI, including now appears to be accessible.Denise Strete, the director of Kaus Media Group, which designs and hosts websites in Myanmar as well as many other parts of the world, told The Myanmar Times, “We haven’t been approached [to create an online dating website in Myanmar].“Many people lie about their marital status, age and looks,” she said.She was thus pleasantly surprised to discover that the object of her affections looked exactly the same in real life as he did in the photos he’d sent via Gmail – and that he really is a doctor and the same age as her.Interestingly, almost all of blocked URLs belonged to ONI’s ‘social’ category.