Note: To manage and bind service instances you must be running the PCF Dev VM and you must be logged in to your PCF Dev instance.

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In either case, users can expect to see a meaningful error when plan update is not supported.

Example: Note: Arbitrary parameters require cf CLI v6.12.1 Some services support additional configuration parameters with the update request.

This not only adds an unwanted space between footnotes on insertion, which I could remove manually, it adds this space whenever the citation has to change (e. you correct the item's detail in your library and refresh), which means I'd have to hunt down these extra line breaks everywhere...

This is my setup: Ubuntu 17.10, Libre Office, Zotero

Furthermore, a service might support updating between some plans but not others.

For example, a service might support updating a plan where only a logical change is required, but not where data migration is necessary.

When restarting any bound applications, the name of the instance will change in the VCAP_SERVICES environment variable.

If your application depends on the instance name for discovering credentials, changing the name could break your application’s use of the service instance.

Dear Zotero team and users, I need a little help with what is probably a bug.