I could see with him (and other Angelfish types) that it would be almost too easy and potentially boring.

I’d say jump- he’d say how high and make sure to not only jump but tell me how pretty I was while doing so.

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It was already decided: there would be dates (just not awkward ones), there would be phone calls (that sometimes kept me up until 2am), and there would be lots and lots of kissing. I’ve even believed I had this type of love at one point in my life.

However, here I am, twenty-three years old and very S-I-N-G-L-E.

Some days I love being single and the feeling of needing to rely only on myself.

I enjoy being able to do whatever I want- whenever I want- without having to take into account another person’s wants and feelings.

For some, they kinds of entrances to the dating world.

They take a few steps back, a running leap, and BOMBS AWAY, they splat into the water.

They aren’t as skilled as the divers but usually are noticed enough to eventually find another goldfish to share their aquarium with. I have always been the type of person to put one foot in the water and quickly pull it out because the water is too cold or too dark to see to the bottom or because I am unsure of what exactly will be found in its depths.

Sometimes, I’ve dipped my feet in different pools to test each ones temperature and depth.

I mean, really how hard is it to find someone who values the same things as me, is . I have usually always met my boyfriends through a group setting, been pursued, and by the time I knew I wanted to date them I had known him long enough to be comfortable with him one on one and was ready to be swept off my feet.

No awkward first dates, no fears of whether or not he’ll attempt to kiss me, and no worries of will or won’t he call after a date.

I still haven’t found my Nemo but I’ve found other colorful and vibrant fish in the dating pool.