In First Nations communities the child poverty rate is higher: 1 in every 4 children.

Transmitted by CNW Group on: November 22, 2006 More .. 22 /CNW/ - National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations, Phil Fontaine, will join Laurel Rothman, Campaign 2000 National Coordinator, to release the report ' Oh Canada!

The judges unanimously ruled that the case for paternity fraud brought by Liam Neale Magill failed.

It's likely not on your calendar, but today is National Child Day.

In its honour, we introduce four people who aren't waiting for grown-ups to change the world -- they're doing it themselves. Canada's infanticide law, like the crime itself, ignites strong emotions on both sides.

The High Court in Melbourne today rejected a suit by Liam Magill, who married Meredith Magill in 1988, and with whom he thought he had fathered three children.

But the youngest two were not his; fathered instead by another man, his wife's lover.

East (southwest corner of Dundas East and Parliament - very limited local parking). These young people are making a difference The Hamilton Spectator, By Lesley Simpson, November 20, 2006 Maddison Babineau, 15, helped build a school in Kenya; and now she's selling jewellery from e Bay to build a well there, while battling cancer.

Sabrina Pursley, 11, with sister Faith, raises money for Mc Master Children's Hospital.

The 44-year-old Aurora resident, who normally favours a Mr.

Incredible persona, simply wanted to see more of his 10-year-old daughter. Canada's largest daily newspaper Police probe reports boy tossed from overpass The Toronto Star, ( Canada's largest daily newspaper ) Dec. by HENRY STANCU, STAFF REPORTER Toronto police are investigating reports that a mother threw her young son from an overpass over busy Highway 401 near the Toronto Zoo last night and then jumped after him, killing them both. Associated Press, USA., November 30., 2006 MADISON, Wis.

24 /CNW/ - The rate of child and family poverty in Canada has been stalled at 17-18% over the past 5 years despite strong economic growth and low unemployment, according to a new report by Campaign 2000.

In fact, data from Statistics Canada shows that over the past 25 years Canada's child poverty rate has never dropped below the 15% level of 1989 when the House of Commons resolved to end child poverty. Too Many Children in Poverty For Too Long,'the 2006 National Report Card on Child & Family Poverty shows that 1,196,000 children - almost 1 in every 6 children - live in poverty in Canada.

Three other judges held that there could be circumstances in which such an action might succeed but they were exceptional and did not cover Mr Magill's situation.