Although not strictly for dating, this is a great way to meet people and make friends from all over the world.

You can edit your Skype profile and add a photo, of course, but you can also add a Skype Me button on your website, if you have one. Paltalk’s 4 million plus users can see, hear, and talk to one another instantly – anywhere in the world.

We intend to go to the South of France shortly to enjoy and long holiday.

Thank you and your staff and particularly Wendy for all you and your organisation have done to successfully arrange our first date.

In other words you can you to post your profile, search for other members and send messages.

The way they can offer genuinely free membership is that they also have enhanced membership (which includes more powerful searches, unlimited messages, email notification of new members, etc.) for a fee.

- Sue (Maidstone, Kent) * Just a thank you for an excellent match. We have lots in common and delight in each others company. Will keep you posted in case you need to buy a hat :) - Susannah (Kent) * Paul and I met first at a dinner and dance at Maidstone, we had a good chat about all sorts of subjects, joined up on Facebook but didn't take it further until we met again in October at a Tunbridge Wells speed date.

Fingers crossed in the nicest way hope not to need your services again.

Although I moved to London from Maidstone at 18, we found that our lives have run parallel - we lived very near each other as kids, Paul used a motorbike spares shop just by my first flat and his friends parents live in the house that my parents friends lived in. It has all happened so suddenly but we both realised when we first dated that we were meant to be together and have progressed from that point.