The first episode of the new show is slated to air on CBS in the autumn in an attempt to attract subscribers, with all following episodes only available on the premium streaming service.

It has not been an easy path to the screen for the show, which was originally announced in 2015.

However in a move sure to divide Trekkies and Trekkers alike, they look nothing like the famous design from the film series, or the more sedate effort from the 60s Star Trek.

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"I've taken this two years off from doing other films so that I can help this one.

It's one of those movies that needs it."Curiously, when I ask whether this was the toughest part she's ever tackled, she gives an ambivalent answer.

"Yes, because it was an emotional ride in a very short time.

We were living her life for 10 specific years, and had to demonstrate that in just over two hours.

No, because when you're committed, and when it's coming from the depths of you, it all becomes easy." She stops for a second, realising what she's said.

"Well, 'easy' isn't quite the word."Not least of the problems she encountered was having to learn the Burmese language.

Michelle Yeo and Sonequa Martin-Green play the captain and first officer respectively in the forthcoming new show, which is being shown on the new pay streaming site CBS All Access.

While Chinese movie star Michelle is playing Captain Georgiou of USS Shenzhou, it remains to be seen whether she will survive the perilous premiere.

When I ask her how she got away from the role, she snaps back, "I don't want to get away from it!