I couldn’t help thinking God must have been high when he created her. I kept glancing at her nervously, taking in as much of her as I could, but it was never enough.

I was craving to see her face, like a man gasping for air at a high altitude.

I was in my eighth grade, just a little boy sitting in an audience, watching a theatrical play at an interschool competition.

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She turned me down, and I never did see her ever again [Read: What to talk about on a date].

But that first memory of experiencing love was so intense that I can still visualize it like it happened just yesterday, even though that incident probably took place close to two decades ago.

But yet, with all these horrible emotions flowing through me, I felt deliriously happy.

And I felt so light, like I could fly, no, like I could just turn into mist and poof!

When our eyes met Our eyes met for what seemed like eternity, or perhaps just a second or two in reality, and I just had to look away.

I don’t know why, but if I had stared any longer I would have thrown up [Read: The secret behind the first glance]. My adrenalin was pumping and my heart was beating so hard I could feel my tongue vibrating in sync. I just had to look back at her and stare at that beautiful face.

Beyond the science of love Leaving how science plays matchmaker apart, falling in love or experiencing love at first sight can be a beautiful sensation.

While our pheromones, genes and body odors are hard at work in the background, all we experience in our mind are intense highs and delirious moments like a junkie high on coke.

Every time you kiss, genes of major histocompatibility complex [MHC] get exchanged between two people, and if your genes share too many similarities, you might actually get turned off and lose the attraction, says Dr. And it’s not just the kiss, your body odor too can predict whether you will experience love at first sight.

Subconsciously, all of us are drawn to certain scents in our partner’s bodies.

On the other hand, women experience romantic chemistry a lot better than men. Men know they like a woman the very second they see her.