When you decide to have a child, you have to be ready to be a parent to and to provide for that child for the rest of their life if necessary.It is a life long committment, even more so than marriage is these days.Parents need to realize that parenting is a full time job and it lasts far beyond the cute toddler years.

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So basically you have unruly kids, it's like hey, I'm all done, here you go state of Nebraska!

I can understand if you have small kids, infants, newborns then by all means, if you absolutely have used every single resource and you just cannot care for this child, then please let the state do it for you. I think people out there from what I've been reading are dropping off mostly teenagers. You know, when I divorced my husband and I took custody of our two kids (we had joint custody but I raised them).

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. Father gets rid of 9 kids at hospital - Life - It's the Nebraska state law that you can dump off your newborn to age 19 year old at a safe "haven" if you will, if you no longer want them.

Children are not temporary and they need to stop being treated as such.

Seriously, a father dropping off 9 children is just insane to me.

I do know a lot of people with toddlers and slightly older children, whose kids would probably be much better off in the hands of another relative, but NEVER in the hands of the state.

The state foster system chews kids up and spits them out much more disfunctional than they were before they entered.

I am lucky enough that once I turned 18 my parents became my best friends, my confidants because I no longer needed them to be in the role of parents.