He had done it in all forms of the game: a Test triple-centurion as well as a devastating and fearless limited-overs striker who steals matches.

For most of the early part of his career he was also a wicketkeeper, a position he has occupied 307 times for his country in his total of 431 internationals.

Mc Cullum has a unique tattoo covering his upper arm and shoulder.

The tattoo comprises of a scroll, which contains the Roman numerals CXXVI (126- his ODI cap number), XLII (42- his limited overs shirt number) and CCXXIV (224- his test cricket cap number). A silver fern tattoo on the left side of his chest shows his Kiwi pride! Since it is not possible for Mc Cullum to wear his wedding ring while playing, he got a ring impression tattooed as an alternative.

The effect on his team, on their country, on the game at large was remarkable.

By then, Mc Cullum had already performed some prodigious deeds as one of the most swashbuckling batsmen of the age.

His innings of 158 from 73 balls for Kolkata Knight Riders in Bangalore was an unprecedented combination of sporting prowess and marketing man’s dream.

Wearing a golden helmet which made him look like an invading god, he gave the IPL a perfect launch.

However, just as he turned to do so, Mc Cullum gathered the ball, took off the bails and made a run-out appeal to the umpire, who gave it out. And I take this opportunity to apologize to you and Murali for my actions on that day.

Ten years later, in 2016, Mc Cullum made a brave gesture and apologized for his mistake, at the MCC Spirit of Cricket Cowdrey Lecture at Lord's. I want to share with you the things that I think were the primary catalysts for my change of approach.

He said, "Nearly ten years after running out Murali, I view things very differently and I would hope that I am a very different person. And I think it’s fair to say that they came late in my career." • It is believed that Mc Cullum was the man behind Ross Taylor's sudden sacking as the captain of the team.