The speed of his hands and feet and his willingness to fail has marked him out as a player.

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It was second nature to Brendon Mc Cullum by then, probably had been all along, and the small matter of New Zealand’s crushing defeat to Australia was no sort of deterrent. Mc Cullum had spent the preceding six weeks going around New Zealand saying something similar in every port.

It was, he said and kept repeating, the best time of their lives and he and his team were there to make sure they did not waste it.

Mc Cullum has a unique tattoo covering his upper arm and shoulder.

The tattoo comprises of a scroll, which contains the Roman numerals CXXVI (126- his ODI cap number), XLII (42- his limited overs shirt number) and CCXXIV (224- his test cricket cap number). A silver fern tattoo on the left side of his chest shows his Kiwi pride! Since it is not possible for Mc Cullum to wear his wedding ring while playing, he got a ring impression tattooed as an alternative.

Notably, the record was previously held by Aussie Cricketer Adam Gilchrist with 100 sixes.• Back in 2006, Mc Culum had to bear the ire of cricket fans, when he dismissed Muttiah Muralitharan in a fashion that is considered to be against the spirit of the game.

During the second innings of the first Test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka at Christchurch, Sri Lanka were 9 down with Sangakkara still at the crease at 99*.

None was more brutally efficient than the 77 he blazed from 25 balls against England in the 2015 World Cup.

He would deny it because he is a nice guy but he was a man on a mission that night, determined not only to enjoy the journey but to ensure that it reached a fitting terminal.

He had done it in all forms of the game: a Test triple-centurion as well as a devastating and fearless limited-overs striker who steals matches.