Girls often think that they can do better and earn more but in the end they are drawn back to the place where they are save and in a great team.After more laughs and flirting, we took what was left from the champagne bottle and went to the Jacuzzi room to continue the fun (or start the real fun, as I like to say).

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The 41-year-old actress was smoldering in a sparkly red jumpsuit alongside new boyfriend Ted Dhani at the Los Angeles Center Studios in downtown LA.

The super sexy ensemble featured slashed fabric up and down her entire body to expose just the right amount of skin.

Reid showed a hint of cleavage and a bit of side-boob as thousands of crystals covered the sizzling jumpsuit.

She donned a playful set of rhinestone devil ears on her head and a sequined devil tail on her backside.

Maxim has upped their game and there are more than a dozen beauties there.

Seems that many former Maxim Girls have returned which is typical for a great location.

The Sharknado stunner added a pair of towering crimson suede booties to her extravagant ensemble.

Tara's long platinum blonde hair was worn half up in a top bun, with pieces twisted and braided hanging down past her shoulders. Joanna Krupa wowed on the blue carpet for Maxim’s annual Halloween party this week.

De Mario seemed to be dressed as a biker boy in a black leather vest with patches and a black bandana wrapped around his head.