They have been knowing each other since they were 13 years old, according to her.

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“I’m not a star, I’m a survivor.” But with her second marriage now over, she admitted there’s one thing she’s not so adept at. “I’d fell into a nice rhythm raising my daughter, and then here comes the second husband. But even if love does come knocking again, “I doubt if I’ll ever get married again. I’m blessed to have done it all.” Last year also brought the loss of her close friend and costar Tommy Ford.

It didn’t work out but I’m not sad or upset about it. “Getting that call was gut-wrenching,” Arnold admitted of learning about Ford, who died following an aneurysm at age 52.

After some legal tanglings, Campbell would eventually leave the show permanently, and it was soon after that, in early 1997, that Fox dropped the show, for good.

15 years later, there’s been talk about a potential reunion, which I think we’ve written about on this site.

Little Shop of Horrors (performer: "Prologue (Little Shop of Horrors)", "Skid Row (Downtown)", "Da-Doo", "Grow For Me", "Some Fun Now", "Dentist!

Tichina Arnold is currently separated from Rico Hines.Her husband of 20 years, actor Duane, is also listed in the filing as a debtor.Together, the couple share two sons—Xen and Ezekiel.The 90s most loving TV couple: Martin Payne & Gina Lawerence on Martin.They had split up because Martin had some anger issues she didn't know about.As of their January filing, they had 0 in cash and 3 in a Credit Union.