After seeing the need for team building, communication and facilitation in nonprofit companies, in 2002 she started a business called Dynamic Leadership Development.

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A few years later, Larry was unexpectedly offered the position as president of ISU.

After 20 years of travel, Marlene’s career was slowing down.“Larry said to me, ‘I’d really love it if you would quit traveling and stay here with me and do this full-time.’ I had about nine months of work on my calendar, so I finished that out,” Marlene said.

“I only do pro-bono work here locally now.”From hosting receptions and sit-down dinners, attending meetings, games and events around campus to doing volunteer work with nonprofits in the area, Marlene’s calendar constantly remains packed.

She is on the board for the Children’s Discovery Museum and on the advisory board for Miller Park Zoo, and those are just two of the many organizations she stays involved in.“My role as the university president’s wife is to be present,” Marlene said.

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The legal process of divorce may represent little more than a necessary formality so that you can get on with your life.Marlene Dietz, wife of ISU President Larry Dietz, welcomed Features Reporter Moe Kuniej and Photo Editor Jenna Kadziulis into her home with open arms as they asked her questions on her and Larry’s love story, her hobbies when she has down time and more.Walking into the home of a university president may seem intimidating to some.“Present to the students, to faculty and staff, to the community and the university.”Without any help, juggling and planning these events would be an even bigger challenge.Julie Barnhill, the director of presidential trustee events and university event services, is that right-hand, Marlene said.“I love working with them.In their minimal spare time, the Dietz’s meet up with long-time friends at Lake Bloomington.