It can be used both to relieve symptoms of pain and mental trauma, as well as to actually reverse the effects of chronic diseases and ailments.

But cannabis’s powers of enhancement are not confined to the medical world.

The herb can also be handy in the bedroom as a potent aphrodisiac, according to a love doctor of sorts that I had the great pleasure of interviewing, named Lisa “Mamakind” Kirkman.

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Share it with your Valentines, this week and beyond:1.

Social Lubricant: Socially, pot can amplify sex appeal because smoking is commonly a shared activity.

One important parting message: whatever you do in the name of sex and love for Valentine’s Day, or any day,make it absolutely consensual and safe.

Wenn dort die Zeit langsamer vergeht, dann vergeht sie auf der Erde - da wo die Prüfung sein wird - viel schneller.

The Neck Rub of Pot Heads: For some, the act of smoking is sexualized into a fetish.

The use of the mouth, the spark of fire, lips on a piece of beautiful, ornate glassware and lilting plumes of smoke can be a turn on, Kirkman notes.Pure strains can cause extreme effects like paranoia—in Sativas— and sleepiness—in Indicas, especially with inexperienced and occasional pot users.With the caveat that everybody is different and may not have the same reaction to these strains, here are a few recommendations to boost male and female libidos, starting with the basics. As Kirkman puts it, “Sativa get you going.” Any Sativa strain, good for physical activity like dancing, is also good for “horizontal dancing.” Kirkman’s Sativa favorites are “Flo” and “Skunk #1.” For relaxation- Indicas relax the muscles, relax the mind, relax it all.Sharing pot creates an enjoyable, communal experience.Kirkman said it’s also a good way to meet other pot loving singles. Your mutual appreciation of pot will be an easy conversation starter as you puff, puff, pass with your new friend.2.So, the muscle-contracting properties of cannabis could be utilized to enhance sexual performance.