For as one London senior police officer told me: 'A criminal doesn't stop being a criminal just because he moves country - and that is the real problem.

Our first call when we get an extradition request from a foreign country is to the British prison authorities, because that is where they are often to be found.' Indeed, about 5 per cent of all extradition requests concern suspects who have already been jailed for offences committed in the UK.

They were responding to a phone call from a worried local who had spotted Asztalos from his photograph, which was part of a new Crimestoppers' campaign aimed at capturing 'most wanted' foreign fugitives in Britain.

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Many have arrived here illicitly, smuggling themselves into Britain hidden in lorries arriving from Calais, Dunkirk and Boulogne, or on trains through the Channel tunnel.

This week the Home Office said that last year 28,000 foreigners clandestinely tried to enter the country by these routes.

'Inevitably, some are running away from their own justice system,' explained the police officer.

The trouble is, by the time foreign criminals are successfully tracked down it's often too late.

The astonishing total was up by a quarter on the previous 12 months.

The vast majority of the 'wanted' suspects hailed from European Union countries.

So why does our extradition system take so long to send back the suspected foreign criminals found here?

And what are the implications for our own safety as rapists and murderers freely walk our streets?

(Poland was not yet a member of the EU.) He murdered Katerina a year later, and although the Polish authorities continued to seek his extradition, Kunowski remained at large in the UK for six years after her death.

It was only when he was arrested for the rape of a 22-year-old student from London that police were able to use the DNA samples they had taken to link him to Katerina's killing.

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