All nurses who directly observe another nurse engaged in the abuse of a patient must report that nurse to the Board [ref: 244 CMR 9.03(26)].

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Like his father George Calvert, who had originated the efforts that led to the colony's charter, Cecil Calvert was Catholic at a time when England was dominated by the Anglican Church.

But whatever Calvert's intentions, Maryland was a colony of an Anglican nation.

Additional information and forms for specific healthcare settings in which the abuse is witnessed or suspected can be found at: will report to the Attorney General and the appropriate registration board any mandated reporter who has reasonable cause to believe that a patient or resident may have been abused, neglected or mistreated or had property misappropriated in Nursing Homes, Rest Homes, Home Health and Hospice, who refuses or fails to report as required by law. A directory of area offices can be found at: are staffed between 9 am and 5 pm weekdays.

Such individual may be subject to a fine of up to $1,000 and to disciplinary actions by such registration board. To make a report at any other time, including after 5 pm and on weekends and holidays, call the Child-At-Risk Hotline at 800-792-5200. 19A §15 requires that nurses who have reasonable cause to believe that an elderly person is suffering from or has died as a result of abuse to immediately make an oral report and submit a written report within forty-eight hours.

In addition, the law provides mandated reporters with immunity from any civil or criminal liability that otherwise could result from making a report, provided the reporter did not commit the abuse. In addition to reporting suspected abuse and neglect, mandated reporters are also required to report to the DPPC all cases in which an individual with a disability has died, regardless of whether or not abuse or neglect is suspected.

Nurses who suspect abuse must make an oral report to the DPPC at 1-800-426-9009 which operates on a seven days a week, 24 hours a day basis.Contact the Board at 1-800-414-0168 or 617-973-0900 if you require additional assistance in reporting. [ref: 105 CMR 155.003] A nurse who suspects abuse, neglect, mistreatment and/or misappropriation must immediately make an oral report to his or her supervisor or employer.Upon receiving such report, the supervisor or employer must immediately notify the Department of Public Health (DPH) by oral communication, electronically transmitted report or facsimile.How to report ABUSESeveral Massachusetts laws and regulations have specific requirements for nurses to report suspected Patient Abuse, Child Abuse, Elder Abuse, and Abuse of a Disabled Person to their respective divisions in State Government.Carefully review the following information relative to each agency’s reporting requirements.The Calvert family, who founded Maryland partly as a refuge for English Catholics, sought enactment of the law to protect Catholic settlers and those of other religions that did not conform to the dominant Anglicanism of Britain and her colonies.