’ There’s this feeling in the papers and in the media that you don’t actually know who you’re speaking to when you’re speaking to a Muslim. The day-to-day living of being a Muslim is just like anyone else’s.” The book centres around Sofia’s decision to leave her boyfriend Imran after he expects her to move in with his parents, and her search for a new man, but also spends a lot of time considering the romances of her Muslim friends and family: her sister’s traditional engagement, her friend Suj’s relationship with Charles, a black man, and her friend Hannah’s decision to enter a polygamous relationship as a second wife.“The Muslim experience of dating is quite diverse, and crazy things do happen, people make strange choices. And it wasn’t about just a protagonist finding love, it was about the experience of living in London as a Muslim, and trying to find someone as a Muslim.” While each of these women grapple with their families’ opinions of their choices, they all support each other wholeheartedly.

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Sheep are not judged”), Sofia agrees to write a book about her and her friends’ experiences. “People were constantly asking me about the Muslim dating/life scene. ” After a few attempts at writing literary fiction, Malik became increasingly interested in writing a Muslim romantic comedy in the style of I wonder if the desire to write something light and funny about Muslim women’s experiences was born out of a frustration with seeing so many portrayals of Muslim women as subjugated or unhappy.

“It’s partly that, but it’s also just this real discomfort and annoyance that there is so much of this othering of Muslims: ‘Who are they and what do they really think? ’ “Part of the fun of writing the book was just that it was telling people about a very normal Muslim existence and how these bigger issues filter into your life, but they’re not actually that big a part of it.

For as long as Zayn Malik has been a celebrity, the media has been quick to point out his faith.

It's not just innocent mentions that Zayn is Muslim, the same way it might be if another public figure were Jewish, Buddhist, Jain, or Christian.

"I've always tried to learn as much as I can about my husband's religion and culture," Mrs. Religion has never been a part of the image Zayn Malik presents to the public.

"I believe that your religion should be between you and whoever your belief is in," he said in an interview with Britain's to task in September for a joke about a member of the band joining a new terrorist supergroup.

The fact that he's Muslim shouldn't get Zayn inserted in any current events story pertaining to Islam, nor should it make him the mainstream celebrity example of someone who is Muslim.

If millions of Directioners can see that, why can't members of the media?

But it was important to Malik to focus on this particular romantic experience.

“Before I started writing I knew that it was going to be a ‘clean’ book, because it has a Muslim protagonist, and the one thing I did not want was her ripping off her hijab and finding herself by going drinking and sleeping with people.

"Basically a TV show called Zayn a terrorist because of his religion. was finally forced to tweet an apology, claiming ignorance of the individual band members' identities and religions.