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Here you will quickly find that you are far from being alone in the world about your love for rimming and anal sex and you will also confirm that these are ordinary people like you and me.

Rimming is straight forward that one partner satisfy the other by licking the butthole.

So they put in place ways of identifying whether the undetectable partner had transmitted it to them.

Among gay men especially, the reality is that condomless sex outside of their primary relationship or marriage does happen with regularity.

When it come to regular analsex with penetration some prefer to prepare with enema to avoid a dirty accident in that act.

This isn't necessary when it comes to rimming as long as the receiving part doesn't have any kind of stomach issues but most people will probably drop the hole rimming thing in such a scenario. Why not try a free registration and search through thousands of anal and rimming lovers all over the world and see if you find someone you want to give it a try with.

If you love rimming and anal sex you might feel a little alone in the world.

Especially rimming in many communities seen as something abnormal sexual behaviour.

If you like to receive rimming you should always prepare by cleaning and shaving.