By Plymovent Staff Some fire stations find it hard to get all firefighters to consistently use installed diesel exhaust removal systems.

This is understandable, given the physical and mental exhaustion that firefighters often experience when returning from a fire.

But upon further investigation and much to the sincere users' dismay, I immediately learned that the majority of these were troll accounts. Her handle was ilovegays69 with the sarcastic bio line, "Trump is the way to my heart." The troll accounts are limited in their activity, however, as only serious paying customers get to really use the site beyond viewing profiles, which is actually a clever design choice, given the inevitability of pranksters flooding the site.

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Throughout the duration of this hookup, I convinced myself that I was capable of not developing feelings for someone I was having sex with.

When I finally acknowledged my emotions and told him, this is how he responded.

It is filled with fishing tips and advice, stories, photos, reports, tournament information, recipes, boat profiles and much more.

In the extreme polarity of the current political climate (shrouded in incivility and hostility), it seems logical that the next step to our (anti-)progressive division would be to segregate political parties into separate (but equal) dating apps.

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Dating, I am faithful that many others are finding their perfect fits for affection strengthened by political solidarity and mutual respect for the powers that be.

God bless the kink that spawns between their pasty torsos.

Dating cuts the fat and gets straight to the chase. Then let's fuck."Find the America-first partner of your dreams," the web site touts. Despite Trump's campaign assertion that nobody loves gays more than him, the service only permits straight coupling.