Here is a picture of that: There is a stamp in the stock that looks like RRA-C, but we have no idea what that means. Does anyone know what kind of ballpark this would be worth to a collector, or should we just shoot the hell out of it and enjoy it.

It is in very good condition, and looks like it has been carried across Europe then put in a closet for 60 years.

Congress on the number of firearms manufactured by each manufacturer.

m1 carbine serial number dating-8

When a rifle does fire out of battery, believe me, you know it!

I saw the thread on " Check Srial Numbers" but unless I missed it, it seems to only cover Garands.

Kept to factory specs and you should not have anything to worry about. Ive since added a Plainfield and Underwood to my collection and shoot them often. Whay serial number did they start using the 2 recoil springs in? To be an early Universal it should have one recoil spring and a solid recoil slide. That would be having a bolt imbedded in your forehead, resulting in immediate death.

You should not be able to see the locking luh on the bolt. Sinch your going to spend $400 anyway, why not hold out ($250 more) for a GI Carbine. Ok guys ive got a Universal with 2 recoil springs that I have retired after shooting over 1200 rounds in. Please someone explain to me the worst scenerio that could happen fireing one of these guns. (This round is close to a .357 mag.) More likely, your face would be peppered with brass shards from the case, causing the loss of one or both eyes if you are not wearing eye protection.

Injuries usually come from stock splinters and brass fragments in the off hand, and sometimes powder and gas "peppering" of the forehead.

The receiver protects the shooter's eyes (and everyone should wear shooting glasses anyway) and lower face.If this is a dumb question or has been covered I apoligize but am new at this Something I had copied and saved, cant swear it its accuracy: Inland Division of General Motors 1 - 5 (Tool Room Models) (Nov. 1942 - July 1943) 2,352,520 - 2,912,519 (July 1943 - Feb. 1944 - March 1944) 6,099,689 - 6,199,688 (March 1944 - May 1944) Quality Hardware & Machine Co. 1943 - May 1943) 1,562,520 - 1,662,519 (June 1943) 1,850,040 - 1,907,519 (July 1943 - Aug. uid=0&fid=110&t=v&kw=M1', function (res) );" style="font-weight: Normal;font-style: Normal;text-decoration: None;text-transform: None;font-size:100%;color:#000000;font-family:;" .30 Carbine, S/N 89691 which appears in mint condition.I believe it is one of the first generation carbines made by Universal and would like to try to confirm that it is. My military service was USAF 1952-1973 and I have long wanted an M1 for shooting and boar hunting. A little worried about firing our of battery and need some reassurance. Andy, It looks like you may have one of the better ones by your serial number. 1944 - May 1944) International Business Machine Corp.