A few years ago, my wife Kim read the 50 Shades books. Over a few month period we worked it out that she was, at times, highly submissive and wanting to be dominated and, especially, spanked.Not always, but at certain times that is what she loved. She is a professional as well and in charge of many people at work so the submissiveness was not something that people would normally think relative to her.The guys needed to be good looking, fairly young and in good shape. He was a recent friend of the group being a friend of Jim. What the fuck Dan, I'm not letting my coworkers and friends spank me." "Yes you are, and you are going to love it too.

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Even though I know that she loves to suck cock I thought that she would be upset by that admission but she admitted to me that the thought of her with two guys was a real turn on, as was taking a big cock.

She liked the thought of us taking turns fucking her while she sucked the other.

Even though she sounded hesitant I knew that she was secretly loving this and wanted what was to come.

"You will be restrained and blindfolded the entire time, on your knees on the bed with your ass up and head down. Only your ankles are loosely bound but I don't want you laying down, I want you up on your knees with your ass up high for them at the edge of the bed.

I think it lurks beneath the surface and is a way in which she can free herself of guilt to explore extreme/kinky types of sex.

It is an opposite for her as she is normally in control and seen as being a "good girl" and "prim and proper" in all respects but she has a very kinky side that needs an outlet.Submission freed her of that guilt because she would be told what to do and she had to do those things.She is also highly athletic and as I suspected, she didn't want light playful spanking. She writhes and moans and shakes as she cums while laying over my lap, my hand spanking her firm ass red.She liked to be spanked hard enough that her ass would be glowing red and bruised. Needless to say, her ass has remained somewhat bruised since our discovery as I really love spanking her and being dominant and she is in a submissive mood quite often. She also likes to be dominated in other ways as well.She likes me making her wait for cock with her waiting on her knees.I want them to be able to see you very well, everywhere, but the lighting shouldn't be harsh.