A few years ago, my wife Kim read the 50 Shades books. Over a few month period we worked it out that she was, at times, highly submissive and wanting to be dominated and, especially, spanked.

I want them to be able to see you very well, everywhere, but the lighting shouldn't be harsh.

Still, more than enough for each guy to see your hot little shaved pussy.

As I hoped, she was wearing great undies, a sheer pink bra and matching thong that showed her nipples and pretty shaved pussy. " "I certainly do, it would be hard for them to spank your hot ass if they didn't touch you.

Kim loves nice underwear so I figured that she would wear something sexy to go to dinner. And the outfit is perfect and no different from what I picked out for you had I not liked what you were wearing.

I think it lurks beneath the surface and is a way in which she can free herself of guilt to explore extreme/kinky types of sex.

It is an opposite for her as she is normally in control and seen as being a "good girl" and "prim and proper" in all respects but she has a very kinky side that needs an outlet.Now get on the bed, face down and ass up so I can restrain you. I want you to give them your ass to spank, without reservation.Your legs parted so that they can take in your hot little pussy too, and spank it if they so choose. The guys already know them." "Ok," she whispered submissively as she got into position on the bed.Restrained and remaining in that position, your feet off the mattress so they can move in right behind you to feel and spank your ass.The lights will be out except for a lamp on the dresser behind you.Even though she sounded hesitant I knew that she was secretly loving this and wanted what was to come.