I heard the first claps of an approaching storm's thunder as I entered the shower.

The thought of a storm put me in a bitter sweet mood, as I always did my best work during that type of weather, however I always turned off my computer so that I would not be damaged by the lightening, and that would delay me on this project.

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My manhood took about two seconds to come to attention and protruded from my robe.

Missy untied my belt, put her hand into my robe and pushed it off my body onto the floor.

I showed her all the usual things within an apartment.

When we got too my bedroom, Missy giggled that I had a king water bed and walked over and fell backward onto the bed.

Since the office always closed promptly at PM, I loaded my project onto a disk, thinking I would finish at home that evening.

Little did I know that the evening would take a more pleasurable turn, and my deadline would take a back seat to a more interesting facet of life. Since the day had been unusually stressful, I decided to take a shower too relax before supper and then back to work.I must have been in the shower for about two minutes, when I heard the distinct sound of someone knocking on my patio door.I hurriedly exited the shower - grabbing only my robe and a towel for my hair.She took me by my hard cock and pulled me back onto the large bed, where I fell onto her warm soft body. Since I was much bigger, I turned so she would be on top of me.We continued our kiss, as she ground her wet pussy onto my steel hard dick.I could feel my manhood stir at the sight and thoughts of a young almost naked women sitting only feet away.