21, 2018: Interest rates on new credit card offers didn’t budge this week, according to the Credit Weekly Credit Card Rate Report. (See Weekly rate report)Will fraudulent use of mom's card jeopardize her J-1 visa? consumers have both general purpose and private label credit cards, and a majority carry a balance on at least one of their cards, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau finds. (See Most cardholder carry at least one balance)Credit card on/off switches: More card issuers adding them -- The digital switches give cardholders greater control over their accounts and can help reduce card fraud. (See Credit card on/off switches)Can I impose a minimum transaction of for card purchases?

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secured card -- Student cards and secured cards are good options for first-time cardholders, but both have pros and cons. Do you have to hold it in the payment terminal's slot? (See Common EMV chip card failures)When you should use points for business or first-class flights -- If you like luxury, upgrades might be worth the points.

Here are four tips to help you get flights with rewards once school is out ...

(See Summer Travel)Amazon offers Prime members 5 percent cash back at Whole Foods -- If you’re a fan of Whole Foods but aren’t necessarily a fan of their prices, Amazon just launched a new offer that can make your organic shopping trip even more valuable. (See Amazon Prime)When paying off multiple credit card balances backfires -- Paying off multiple card balances can sometimes prompt account reviews with unintended side effects, such as lower credit limits on other accounts. (See Paying off multiple card balances)Rate survey: Average card APR holds steady at 16.41 percent -- Feb.

(See Category bonus points)Card rewards cut 'travel sports' costs -- Youths playing on sports travel teams can be costly for families, so parents smartly use points for hotels and flights to get ahead in the game. (See Card rewards cut travel sports costs)American Express Platinum card offers 100,000 bonus points through Card Match -- The Platinum card from American Express is currently offering select applicants a 100,000-point sign-up bonus after spending $5,000 in the first three months of card membership through the Credit Card Match tool. Patrick's Day in Ireland -- Rewards redemption tips for a genuine St. (See Economy fare perks)10 common cash back credit card mistakes -- Signed up for a cash back card but not getting enough love?

You might be making one of these common mistakes ...(See Balance transfer )Can a minor be sued for defaulted card debt?-- Since he was issued the card illegally, and can't repay what he charged, what are the consequences? (See Minor opened card)Credit card rewards use by generation: Who's doing the better job?-- The degree to which cardholders successfully use credit card rewards varies considerably by generation – and not necessarily in ways we may expect. (See Credit rewards use by generation)What do I do if my credit card rewards are stolen?-- Thieves don't just target your credit line, but they can also get to your rewards.See what else we found when comparing the two cards. (See American Express)Do all purchases count when building rewards?