Whether this guy was trying to save face or was simply afraid of hurting your feelings is beside the point.You should be on the lookout for friends and dates who make their enthusiasm for your company clear.

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If you want to send her a brief, anonymous message about decoupling the pictures from her husband’s easily identifiable Twitter account, you certainly can—but drop the subject after that, and stop Googling the names of people you don’t like looking for trouble.

I briefly dated a guy who I’m now just friends with.

Beard exchanged several text messages with an undercover officer posing as a man trafficking a 13-year-old boy and a 15-year-old girl, eventually agreeing to trade a pair of tickets to a Super Bowl Live event for sex with the teens, according to the complaint. When Beard arrived at the address given to him by the undercover officer, he was arrested, the complaint said.

Beard later admitted to investigators that he made arrangements to have sex with the teens, according to the complaint.

Authorities say that as the Twin Cities prepare to host Super Bowl LII on Sunday, planning has long been underway to address any accompanying uptick in prostitution or sex trafficking.

A few years ago my cousin married a guy who has always squicked me out, mainly because of the hateful and homophobic things he posts on Facebook.

Recently I didn’t hear from him for about five months (we live a few hours apart): no emails, no texts, not even when I forwarded him school-related stuff he would be interested in and wished him a happy new year (not the Gregorian one but one specific to his culture).

At one point I asked him for advice with a school-related problem, and he asked me to call him.

After we had talked, I asked him if I had done anything wrong since I hadn’t heard from him all this time. Later I wrote him an email to thank him for his time and told him I would add him on Google Hangouts to keep in better touch. I sent another one, and when he turned it down again, I wrote to ask if anything was wrong. I’m not going to contact him again, but I’m anxious that I did something wrong and didn’t realize it.

I worry I pushed the Google Hangout invitation too much, and look like someone who can’t take a hint.

I still feel drawn to him, which I beat myself up about.