Sarah, meanwhile, has swapped club hostessing for a responsible job as a personal assistant and moved out of the detached home where she grew up with her parents and into her own flat.After the convent she didn’t go to a nightclub for three months and ditched her habit of drinking up to ten vodka and lemonades and a bottle of wine every night.‘I actually went to my GP because I had tummy pain and he said that drinking like I did would definitely lead to health problems because my tolerance was so high.‘Now I have a big night out no more than once a month.

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I don’t go out nearly as much, which is a good thing as my friends have since told me they were thinking of cutting all ties with me because I was always getting drunk.‘I used to walk around at home eyes glued to my phone but now I actually talk to my family.

I even went on holiday with them in the summer, to Malaysia and Singapore.

However, the nuns’ reaction, disappointment rather than anger, at their behaviour and the disrespect they had shown, had a profound effect on the young women who quickly repented, poured the vodka down the drain and apologised profusely.

‘They asked if we would forgive anything and we said we would,’ says Sister Francis.

But, somehow, hearing it from women who have devoted their lives to God had an impact that no amount of parental support, or pleading, was able to achieve.‘The nuns helped me to realise that we’re all different and special and that I’m good enough just as I am.

I left the convent feeling like a weight had been lifted off me.’Being in the confines of a convent has, it seems, also spurred Paige on to fulfil her ambition of seeing the world.Despite the impact that living with nuns had on her, taking holy orders is not among her ambitions.The same goes for the other girls, unsurprisingly, given that recruitment of nuns is at an all-time low and the Swaffham convent has only welcomed one British sister into the fold in the past 30 years.It is Rebecca, most resistant at the start and utterly terrified of the crucifix in her room, who, the nuns are proud to acknowledge, has the biggest epiphany as the series unfolds.‘I feel 100 per cent happier and am really grateful for my time in the convent,’ she says, speaking several months after filming ended.How, then, would these modestly-dressed brides of God handle the arrival of their new house guests, a gaggle of brash young women, boasting tattoos and piercings and more usually found stumbling drunkenly around nightclubs while scantily dressed?