During to be patient but can't wait to find some people to actually talk to or meet... so have a wonderful day and hope to see you in the chat room I' m amarried bi male primarily looking for other bi males. I'm easy to get along with, and don't care much for pushy types. Char has suggested to Pattie maybe multiple ID's for Couples. Info is nice but a face with that info can help make choices easier...... It takes time to get to know folks on here..trust and honesty is huge!!!! THANKS BRANDI.:)Hug Instant Messaging Instant messaging is one of the ways I have made a lot of my online friends and some have become really close friends over the years.

I would love to meet a dominant and sexy female or some bbc lol to many specifics to different things..questions or anything and ill be more than happy to chat .. we are fun and loving couple, we have been together now 9 years. I'm interested in meeting people, and I'm not much for lots of email and chat. Most folks want to get to know you before they lay down.... Believe me there are SO MANY GREAT PEOPLE IN THE CHAT ROOMS!!!! Honey (Gratis) not Vinegar (Payments) makes people come, stay, particiapte, give new IP Addies for ads (Revunues), and saty a lot longer ( More Ad Revenues..) why not have a Zillion FREE Non Paying Membership CHAT Rooms? I personally use Yahoo, MSN, AIM, and ICQ because I have friends that use one of these and no others so I have been using them all to chat with people.

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Well, like I said in order for us to use the blue moon in Vegas, we gotta pay for all 42 rooms... who cares about the weather and other stuff thats boring. when alot of people respond to what someone said, that makes it fun. They all don't have to be of you...up some fantasies of yours.....interests of yours..... These are some of the best people I have met in a very long time!!! It is going to take some leg work to get some responses, but it will be worth the effort!!!! Hugs Anasplaytoy Chatrooms I like chat rooms and normally like going into yahoo rooms, but lately it seems all I run into in there are bots.

We can vibe each other out via online chat rooms and see where it goes from there. just like someone said we all are here for sex its a sex site. Let's chat sometime I would Love to get to know you.....

I'm an easy-going guy who has only recently begun thinking about being with other guys. Definitrrly willing to try new things and meet up outside of chat rooms. Though I am always will to chat or more with any ladies that want to talk with me.

Send me an email if you're interested.i notice the chat rooms and sometimes instant messaging does not work with cell phones. ;)Bisexual Swing Clubs We've been to the Swinger's Palace in Pittsburgh, and had a good time.

There is nothing quite like living a fantasy in our gay men talk, and we guarantee you will have a fantastic time!

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I am very new to the idea of having a sexual encounter with another man and what i have been finding on yahoo chat rooms is that most men think that just because you are looking to possibly hook up with another man you are either an male fem and calling you names like sweetheart, hunny, baby and some rude ones like bitch and slut or the other ones that think they can order you to do things that you haven't even considered and to me these men are the ugly men, yes they may be bisexual but the think they can treat you like one of their women that they abuse or take advantage of and that is not what I am looking for. If you go in the chat rooms, you can meet all sorts of fantastic people. If you have been doing all these on a regular bases I can only recommend to be patient it will pay off...... If you are waiting for them to contact you it may never happen....pro active..... Hugs Anasplaytoy Hug POLLS not even Poles make people come to this WEebsite. Though her and I talk a lot on them some times when she is off somewhere.

Like to try to find a friend as well as a possible partner someone that will treat me like an equal not a Sub or a Dom either like to maybe have a young man for my first time someone 35 or younger and at least be 18 average build and I am willing to try both the bottom and the top as well as sucking so i am willing just to learn how to be comfortable with a guy and just go from there. I have meet the most awesome people that I have ever met in my life on this site. Cybering was one of my big pass times using these messengers, now I mainly use them to chat with friends from other countries and for role playing with other friends.

I am using i Phone, but can not chat in chat rooms. It's a house that's been converted into an on-premise swing club.