Libyans are welcoming and generous to foreigners and would always try to help them adjust to the Libyan lifestyle.However, foreigners should know what topics to bring up when meeting Libyans.Talking about the weather is a good topic to start with, especially the hot weather in summer and how to get away from it by enjoying the splendid Libyan beaches.

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Other Libyans may speak loudly, especially in market areas.

Distance when speaking to someone is about the same as in Canada.

On the other hand, some subjects should be avoided, such as sexuality in general, religion, and politics.

Family discussion (not too personal) is always a good subject. You will be asked these types of questions as well.

Politics because most people would welcome a political change in the country but they do not feel comfortable talking about that in public.

If you find yourself alone with your host (like in a car for instance) you may try asking such questions if you feel comfortable enough.

Furthermore, while meeting middle-aged or younger people, one could start the conversation by using the weather and then switch and talk about sports such as football (soccer).

Football is the most popular sport in Libya and people enjoy playing it and talking about the matches they watch.

Humour is always good; however, try to stay away from sexually explicit type of humour.

Humour about politics (especially if it involves Americans) is always well received, but do not tell a joke about the current political system in the country.

Distance is required when speaking to other people, especially when you are talking with someone of the opposite gender. Libyans usually make eye contact as a sign of paying attention and respect to the speaker.