La Forge loses himself in his work, heading to the Holodeck to figure out how to reconfigure the warp drive and save the ship from power losses.

He programs the original version of the drive only to grow unreasonably infatuated with a 90-something-percent accurate hologram of its creator—the Enterprise’s original engineer, Leah Brahms.

klingon dating-16

The android soon launches into a doctorate-level lecture on satellites that makes Lwaxana Troi want to go to bed—for sleep.

Klingon dating 101, if a race that can attract a mate with a roar can even call it dating.

When the face in Wyatt’s dreams finally materializes onscreen when a Tyrellian ship encounters the Enterprise, he transports to his mystery woman and leaves Deanna to on-again, off-again paramour Riker (who was brooding over her engagement the entire time).

This is also when Lwaxana Troi’s Betazoid-style pursuit for a mate has her first zeroing in on Picard—meaning, the captain is essentially doomed.

Moment of epic awkwardness: Just when it seems things can’t get more uneasy than an arranged marriage to another species, Deanna and Riker try for one last fling on the holodeck.

Wyatt strides in with an underhanded insult in hand.

Klingons are about as romantic as their battle grunts might suggest.

Not to mention colder than an android in a freezer.

Even the homo sapiens on board (with the possible exception of Riker) aren’t exactly temptresses or Casanovas.