Moment of epic awkwardness: When Worf tries to level up one more time by hollering traditional Klingon wedding vows, K’Ehleyr’s reaction to a shotgun wedding is all too human.She snaps that she will never be his wife and effectively kills the ambience.

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Moment of epic awkwardness: Just when it seems things can’t get more uneasy than an arranged marriage to another species, Deanna and Riker try for one last fling on the holodeck.

Wyatt strides in with an underhanded insult in hand.

Worf is less than thrilled when Picard insists he and K’Ehleyr work together to fend off the potential feud, and starts growling when she slinks over to his computer and tells him to quit acting like a “Klingon glacier.” However, if there’s one thing that can melt this abominable snowman, it’s electric pink Spandex.

He later prowls onto the holodeck and literally takes K’Ehleyr’s calisthenics program (if you could call fighting alien beasts in the jungle with a bat’leh calisthenics) to the next level.

So you’re not into mail-order teddy bears or heart-shaped boxes of bonbons. There are plenty of reasons, human and otherwise, that Star Trek: The Next Generation wouldn’t be considered Valentine’s Day viewing.

Androids like Data aren’t programmed to feel human emotion, and just a few minutes of getting to know Worf makes it clear the Klingon race will do just about anything to avoid it.

En route to the Pacifica conference as the representative for Betazed, she lures him into what is supposed to be an ambassadorial dinner for the crew (to which she only invites the mortified captain).

When she starts making bedroom eyes—and suggestions—at dessert, Picard ups the awkwardness factor by inviting Data to interrupt their dinner date with sleep-inducing scientific anecdotes.

The atmosphere isn’t programmed for seduction when Deanna shows up in her fiancée’s doorway.

Cold feet get even colder when he shows her his sketches of a mysterious blonde he’d been dreaming of since he could remember, a woman he thought was supposed to be Deanna until he beamed on board and saw she had the wrong hair color.

A romantically inept android isn’t exactly a walking encyclopedia of love either, but Riker gets extra credit for his literary seduction skills. He ignores all the warnings about what this teenage head-of-state crush has been hiding.