In delivering a 148.34-point performance in the free program, Kim made it clear to the world that the ''Queen'' was indeed back.

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Furthermore, the title suggests Kim is simply operating at a different level than her rivals."I was anticipating a good score after putting out everything I could, but I really didn't expect the score to be this high," Kim said. With a sense of security about my techniques, I was able to minimize mistakes."Kim said she was "very nervous" during a six-minute preparation period ahead of her free skate, but she was able to pull herself together waiting for her turn, as sixth in the final group.

She said letting go of her desire to win helped her to perform "comfortably.""When I was preparing for the event, I felt much less pressured than when I was practicing for the last Olympics," Kim said.

She said she just wanted to rest and spend some time planning her future when she held a gala show to commemorate her retirement earlier this month.

But her decision to study at graduate school is also seen as her first step toward a bigger ambition ― becoming an IOC athletes' commission member.

Her spins were tight, and her vivid presentation seemed almost like the music was coming from her movements.

Kim's performance in Friday's short program, where she finished with 69.97 points, was seen as a solid effort short of greatness.

Some believe the decision is in line with her future plan to develop her academic career and become an International Olympic Committee (IOC) athletes' commission member.

Kim's agency said she had an interview Saturday for admission to Korea University Graduate School to major in physical education.

She mentioned that desire when she returned for the 2012-2013 skating season after a year of hiatus.