It will supply 52MW of its V112-3.45MW machines for the Astana project near the country’s capital city of the same name.The turbines will be delivered in both 3.3MW load-optimised mode and with a standard 3.45MW rating, the manufacturer stated.

Three years later, US firm Unique Capital Management selected Hydro China Corporation to build a 200MW site in westerly Aktobe region. Nils de Baar, Vestas’ president of Vestas’ north and central Europe division, said: "The Astana wind project marks an important step in further developing this promising wind market." Last year, Kazakhstan entered analysts Ernst & Young’s renewable energy country attractiveness index at number 37.

The country had benefitted from a €200 million loan from the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to improve its renewable energy stock and its transmission systems.

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Later on the day of the fire, the Kazakh Ministry for Investments and Development stated the bus was a 29-year-old Setra with an expired technical safety certificate and no license to transport passengers but declined to comment on the immediate cause.

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On 19 January, investigators released a statement based upon the testimony of the survivors, which stated that an open flame cooker used as a heating device was considered the likely source of the ignition, as the bus itself did not have a functional heater.

A preliminary list of victims released by Uzbekistan’s Emergency Situations Ministry released on 19 January listed 29 identified casualties as well as the two Uzbek survivors, all of whom were men from the Namangan Region.

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