Seconds later seats swing out of position, draws slip open and fixtures and fittings begin to wobble. While our K9 friend has escaped prior to the quake, people dash for the exits when the room begins to shake forcibly.The only question is, why didn't man's best friend warm his unaware human collegues?

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The good thing about being an older woman is I can take whatever he can give me. The good thing about young men is they are ready to go again in just a few minutes - and Mark was ripe as they come. Mark has already put three pillows down so I can lie comfortably on them.

I close my legs and stick my ass and pussy in the air ready for him to take me.

He slides in another 4 fingers and uses his thumb on my clit and rubs and toys with the inner core of my pleasure.

I cum, my body tossing about totally out of control - following his touch as if a command. Mark grabs my head with his other hand using my hair to pull my face onto his cock as he tries to shove it deep into my throat. I lose breath and reality as his other hand grabs my face hard.

He fucks my mouth long and hard until he shots his load My mouth fills and I suck and swallow his hot Mark juice as best as I can, then lick the last bits out of the eye of his cock.

“Yes Mark that’s a good boy.” I say as I lick the last remnants of cum from my face.Heartbreaking: K9 officer Figo placed a paw on the casket of his fallen partner Jason Ellis Thursday.Ellis, a Bardstown, Kentucky police officer was killed in the line of duty after, police say, he was ambushed on a highway ramp Targeted: Husband and father of two, Ellis, 33, was a minor league baseball player turned drug enforcement officer.I cum again gripping his cock with all my might, which doesn’t even put a dent in his rhythm or pace. He opens his legs wider changing the angle of his invading cock and sending me through another crashing pleasure peak. Deeper and harder he pounds Mark screams as load after load of cum spurts deep inside my ass.Again and again over and over he rides me without stopping. You know I want it.” I demand He pulls out of my pussy and guides the head of his cock to the entrance of my ass. Deeper and deeper he slowly goes not stopping until he is all the way to the base of his shaft. I feel his cum warm and thick fill me, as he pumps and pumps until I drain the last bit of cum out of him. Factories, office buildings and offices emptied as people lined the streets, many clutching American flags or holding their hands on their hearts.