All of these are true FIFA 18 wonderkids that you'll want to sign as soon as you possibly can in your career game.

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All of FIFA 18's best young players with the highest potential, including the FIFA 18 wonderkids and FIFA 18 hidden gems.

ST, CF, RW, LW, best CB, LB, RB, best CM, CAM, CDM, LM, RM, and best GK. Guide by Tom Orry, FIFA 18 wonderkids and the FIFA 18 best young players with the highest potential are essential to build a great team in FIFA 18 career mode.

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In this guide we reveal the FIFA 18 best potential young players.

If you want more on FIFA 18 but aren't interested in finding out the FIFA 18 best young players and FIFA 18 wonderkids, check out our FIFA 18 Guide Hub.If a wonderkid player in FIFA 18 has the potential to reach an overall rating of 90 but spends most of his years sitting on the bench, he’s not going to become the player he could have been and his wonderkid status will be wasted. By doing this you’ll receive reports, with one of the stats being a potential the player can reach.The more you scout, and the better your scouting, the more accurate this number range will be.This way you'll be able to spot if a young player is going to be good or is proper wonderkid potential.Alternatively you could simply use a FIFA 18 Young Player Potential guide like this one, in which we list the young players with the highest potential so you get get the best young players in FIFA 18 and don't miss out on any wonderkids.Newton has faced a slew of criticism and a lost endorsement deal since saying he found it "funny to hear a female talk about routes" after Charlotte Observer reporter Jourdan Rodrigue asked him a question in a press conference on Wednesday.