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On September 30, 2013, Centric aired reruns of the series.

Since September 27, 2014, UP started airing reruns of The Parkers weeknights starting at pm.

The Parkers main characters of Seasons 2–5 with Jenna von Oÿ and Ken Lawson becoming regulars and the addition of Yvette Wilson (replacing Mari Morrow) joining the cast: (l-r) Professor Oglevee, Thaddeus "T" Radcliffe (back row), Andell Wilkerson, Nikki Parker, Kim Parker and Stevie Van Lowe (front row) The Parkers was a production of Saradipity Productions, Regan Jon Productions (season 1 only), Big Ticket Television, Worldvision Enterprises (seasons 1–2) and Paramount Network Television.

Reruns are currently distributed by CBS Television Distribution.

The first four seasons were aired in this evening time slot, with season five beginning in this timeslot and with the few remaining episodes moved to a late night timeslot on Fridays.

After the series finished on RTÉ Two, there have been no re-runs and no current plans to run the show again.

Nikki and Kim's mother-daughter relationship evolves as roommates and as students.

Nikki adjusts to the fact that her daughter is old enough to live on her own, while Kim realizes that Nikki has more going on than just being her mom.

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