Be sure to catch Jennifer in the Goodspeed’s production of the new musical DEATHLESS, playing at the Terris Theater until July 2nd.

You can purchase tickets starting at on Today Tix!

Wait why did I make such a dad joke @Chandelier Beret getting harder to get creative w these but you know what’s never hard?

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At the stage door for Peter and the Starcatcher (in which he gave a simply breathtaking performance) he was so eager to meet everyone who was waiting outside for him and made sure to chat and take pictures with each and every fan.

One of the monologues Chanler-Berat performed in the play, which was about how his character Boy hates the word “sorry”, and the few seconds of silence that followed the speech was by far one of the most indescribably beautiful moments I’ve experienced in a theatre.

Millions of Americans are asking one simple question: what is he hiding? "There is no longer a valid basis for the White House to review the altered document, since this new version is not the same document shared with the entire House and on which Committee Members voted" Adam Schiff/…

The Nunes memo makes serious charges of FBI and Justice Department misconduct in obtaining a warrant to surveil an American citizen, but it doesn't contain the facts needed to substantiate its charges on its own. The Nunes memo is partisan and misleading, simple as that.

I’ll be celebrating this day till I’m a million years old.

☄️ I don’t know about you guys but my favorite kind of art to look at/watch/listen to/experience/make is always gonna be the kind that simply reflects and celebrates what it means to be a person. Want it but don’t want it try but don’t try care but don’t care BE but like don’t be? die but like stay alive breathe but don’t move free yourself but also STOP look at things but also look through them give but also take go but stay -acting A “binge ditcher” aka someone you are binging a show with who watches several episodes without you one day and leaves you in the dust for no good reason other than to shatter all your hopes and dreams of what dual binging could have been it's just weird to me how social media so easily becomes a good news parade or an outrage showcase, and how that creates this very performative and polarizing space that is not true to life at all.

To use it as pretext for firing Deputy AG Rosenstein, Special Counsel Mueller or other DOJ leadership would be viewed as an attempt to obstruct justice in the Russia investigation. ZKk Y94V Today there was a tragic shooting at Sal Castro Middle School — and it barely registered in the news.

[email protected] Donald Trump’s double standard when it comes to transparency is appalling.