By doing this you can take advantage of anything that Topps decides to do.In the Opening an Online Store article I mentioned how I made well over six figures from affiliate income on the website Sports Card Radio.Media, Attendees, Sponsors all looking for your art-in-motion, now’s your chance to utilize the HIN platform present your passion for building cars.

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By having some early success, I can dedicate more time to the Topps affiliate program and will probably use Facebook and/or Google ads to test the profit possibilities and hopefully make some real money. let’s just show you how to sign up for the Topps network yourself.

Go To: Rakuten Affiliate Network and log in or register for a new account.

Showcase your Japanese, European, Domestic, Exotic, or Performance vehicle for the world to see.

The Hot Import Nights events feature hundreds of modified vehicles battling for bragging rights and top honors as well as to just simply be a part of the action.

In fact, the print runs have been low for many of the initial cards they released.

Despite the low print runs, I did notice that some of the secondary market values for the cards were decent.

But I’ve identified two ways that store owners can potentially profit from these cards and will provide two real world examples.

The idea behind this should be very simple for you to understand. Topps Now Pricing: If they create a card of a player in your local market, ordering 20 and charging .99 for them in your store or online might work.

The cards are only available for purchase on the website for 24 hours. A complete checklist with print runs can be found on the Topps website.

With the cards not being sold in traditional packs and only being sold directly on the Topps website, it would appear as though there is no direct way to profit from Topps Now cards.

This is all done through their affiliate provider, Rakuten Affiliate Network.