I remember visiting it in the early Nineties and being struck by its shabbiness then, and evidently it was the same or worse when Izabella moved in.Part of the trouble might be that Hef does not actually own the mansion; he has to rent it, room by room, from Playboy Enterprises and, according to Izabella, pays ,000 a month for his own bedroom. Stuck in his perpetual Groundhog Day, padding around in his pyjamas, eating all his meals in bed, watching the same classic films with the same old cronies night after night, going to the same bars – Las Palmas on Wednesdays, Barfly on Fridays – the only variation in the routine was restaurant night on Thursdays when the Girlfriends were allowed to choose where they went.

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Second, while you could order any food or drink you wanted, at any time, from one of the many Mansion “butlers”, you were not allowed into the kitchen, even for a glass of water.

And third, of course, you had to live in the extraordinarily dingy Playboy mansion, where all the furniture was falling apart, the mattresses were stained and the carpets were covered in dog poo.

Izabella whatsit – presumably not her real name, given that she is Polish – was 26 and still at law school when she was picked up by Hugh Hefner in an LA bar.

Well, not by him – that’s not his style – but by one of the “party posse” of platinum blondes who accompany him everywhere.

And if you need to know the others didn't want that position, it all comes back down to the sexual obligations that it seems to involve. It meant that it also entailed sexual activity that no one else wanted to participate in: anal sex.

Hefner like to use dildos and other sex toys on Holly and have her use them on him too."Ummm. It was a very generous deal in many ways, but it did have its drawbacks.First, there was a strict curfew, so unless you were out with Hef, you had to be back in the hutch by 9pm.But even so, Hef always took his own food, lamb chops.And even when they went out for parties or special occasions such as the Grammys, Hef would only stay long enough to have his photo taken before herding all the Girlfriends back into the car.She left because she was asked to leave because she didn’t get along with some of the other girls.