Surrounded by phalanxes of security men, and roped off in VIP ghettos, they never had the chance to meet anyone.

I remember visiting it in the early Nineties and being struck by its shabbiness then, and evidently it was the same or worse when Izabella moved in.

Part of the trouble might be that Hef does not actually own the mansion; he has to rent it, room by room, from Playboy Enterprises and, according to Izabella, pays $25,000 a month for his own bedroom. Stuck in his perpetual Groundhog Day, padding around in his pyjamas, eating all his meals in bed, watching the same classic films with the same old cronies night after night, going to the same bars – Las Palmas on Wednesdays, Barfly on Fridays – the only variation in the routine was restaurant night on Thursdays when the Girlfriends were allowed to choose where they went.

If it was the house of horrors, she was the most willing and happy participant of it all."It all comes down to Holly having "a dark" fixation with Hef, Izabella claims, calling her behaviour "Single White Female". She kept emulating their looks, his favourite girlfriends from the past." One of the most shocking claims in Holly's book, were the strange sexual routines that took place at the Playboy Mansion.

She described how Hef would gather all the girls in a semi circle and put "graphic porn" on the TV.

But I grew to feel it was meant to lock me in." She even said she felt so low at times, she considered drowning herself, which Izabella believes is just "a tactic to get media attention".

In fact, she says Holly took up the position as Hef's main girlfriend by default, because no-one else wanted to. Whereas the other girlfriends return to their bedrooms, you have to have sex with him everyday, or when he wants.

Matters came to a head at a Wednesday nightclub outing, when Izabella started screaming “You psycho bitch! Hef ordered her back to the Mansion but Izabella refused to leave and instead stayed at the club and told all to the paparazzi.

Next day she packed her belongings and Hef waved through a window.

Soon Izabella was being asked to Fun in the Sun Sundays at the Playboy Mansion and in January 2002 she was invited to move into the Mansion and become an official Hefner Girlfriend, one of seven at the time.

She had all the right qualities – long platinum hair, doe eyes, big breasts and a limitless capacity to coo over animals and soft toys.

She was also, judging from this book, not stupid – she says that she was “the token brain” of the harem and I’m inclined to believe her.