I did not find the map difficult to navigate, in contrast to User1048 above.

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The crushers (a familiar element from Sock's excellent Backsteingotik) are used to great effect here, turning the final battle into a rewarding tactical experience, rather than a boring and repetitive dodge-and-shoot affair.

Superb old-school feeling, lovely details all around, strong sense of place with enough distinct areas that helps with navigation and balanced gameplay that offers great fights and enjoyable exploration. Nothing I can add that hasn't been stated above already.

The rocket launcher is actually one of the easiest secrets I've ever seen :-) Replayed this, and loved it again.

Yes, it's truly non-linear, as in not just offering a choice of what order to do areas that get you the keys but as in allowing you to reach different areas from different directions.

Very beautiful -- such a strong sense of place, and of exploration and discovery. Non linear is fine in levels where progression is evident, or becomes so with a little exploration.

Even simple contrast like a classic Tiddles map could have been very effective here as not to draw attention to the lack of surface variation.

Even some vanilla quak levels wont work correctly with that engine, like BNT2 (now there is some fine 'non-linear' exploration).

I originally attempted this in Fitzquake, don't like using DP where it isn't intended, but it spat out an error message related to the custom Ogre used in the pak files.

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Beautiful, flawless though somewhat small map (i.e.