This article I came across can explain the relationship better than I can, I think you may find it very interesting.

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And just like this man has come forward, I am sure there are others. The sheriff here has assured me that he will be safe and anyone else that wants to say anything or speak out about this will be safe.''Why aren't you civil rights leaders dealing with cases of missing people? 'And he began telling me the story of Terrance Williams, saying if we fight for what's right, how do we forget about people who just disappeared? All of us have not done all we should.'Calkins spotted it and called in to the Collier County Sheriff's Office to run the vehicle number and have the car towed.

In the recorded conversation, Calkins and the dispatcher both talked in exaggerated black dialect.

Her character was Cleo, who was in love with Leroy ( Gene Anthony Ray) who showed her no interest whatsoever, and if you couldn’t tell that Leroy was gay from his original role in the film version, then something was def wrong with you.

I could never understand why Hollywood insists on putting these gay men in “straight” roles, it’s not believable, but I digress.

She pointed out that these two shared quite a few similarities, and I became interested.

Awhile ago, the two were pictured walking around Italy ( with Gayle…of course!

On the surface the “control” referred to Miss Jackson taking charge from her controlling handler of a father, but underneath is that really what it’s about? Her hair is everywhere, and although the drawing is outlining her form, it also appears to be constraining her…peep the triangles (pyramids) at her wrists which are placed close to her body. I’ve seen this dead fish look before on a certain Queen Bey.

Here’s a pic of Janet, I’m guessing sometime in 84/85 . But put on your thinking cap, what would posess her to put a key on a hoop and wear it in her ear.

But Gerwig’s nomination (and even a possible win) is not enough to help increase the number of female directors, so this is how women are beating the odds themselves.

Even though Oprah grew up in the church, she says she's never heard, seen or experienced anyone like Bishop Jakes.

Greta Gerwig is only the fifth woman to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Director.