Just before the season kicks off, Tim agreed to give us his prediction for Tommy's future, and couldn't help but wax romantical about The Ballad of Tommy and Jude. I got a phone call from my agent and he said, 'Listen this guy saw you in this movie, he's a director, I've met him, he's real cool. I didn't know anything about it, as most Western people don't. The toughest thing for me over there was the way they treat women, because of the Muslim culture. I have no power at all in getting people record deals. I broke up with someone about three months before that, and I have not been with anybody since.

I get something, I read it, I like it, and I choose to do it. Are you interested in eventually trying your hand at writing or directing? Where do I think he's going to end up, or where do I hope he's going to end up? Where I hope makes for bad television, so don't ask me! They complete each other, they balance each other out. My grandmother's calling me up and saying, 'why didn't you tell me about the baby? ' My dad calls me about some Laiken Parker girl with Ryan Seacrest, and I'm like, 'Listen, man, I'm in Guatemala! ' I hear about all these weird things, people read them and then tell me, and I don't know what it is. But it doesn't get in the way when you're going out to see a movie, or sitting down to dinner at a restaurant? Fans are great, and if they're fans of the show I really want to meet them. Check out our Season One Instant Star primer, or read a review of the show's soundtrack, Songs From Instant Star.

There were things I didn't think I should be involved in, so I said no. At the end of the show, where do you think Tommy will end up? What do you think is the real reason the characters aren't together? Tommy's not going to do anything until she's 18 years old, that's for sure, and it's not like Tommy is able to express what he feels anyway. It seems pretty clear that they aren't going to be together in the near future. (laughs) To me, it's cool, it's underlying, it's like a soul mate thing. Even if they can't be in each others' lives in that way, they still need each other. This particular interview was conducted via phone on February 6, 2006, and was arranged via a publicist at The N.

Si vous avez acheté des extras sans ce précieux sésame, vous ne pourrez pas les réaliser et vous aurez donc perdu de l'argent inutilement.

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He's even got a leather motorcycle jacket or two, which completes the bad-boy look. My friend came down later and we traveled all over the country. But I did get stung by a scorpion, so that was kind of...weird. I didn't even know there were non-venomous scorpions.

So he should be dangerous, except that he's earnest and polite and doesn't seem to curse (at least not to intrepid interviewers). And he loves his television show, Instant Star, the way 50 Cent's mythical fat kid loves cake.

It was just a little too gratuitous at some points. Things are more important this year than they were the first. But the reason they give on the show is the age thing - Tommy is 22 and Jude is 16. Pop stands by this interview, and all others published on this site.

Was it necessary that you be able to play the guitar and sing to win the role? The most different thing about this season is that all the stakes are raised and everything's more dangerous. Obviously there's a concern that putting the characters together too quickly will cause the show to fizzle. It has been brought to our attention that there is a question as to the validity of this interview.

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