“I’m grateful for everything that happened [with Karina].People who come and go in my life, I learn from them no matter if you’re here for a minute or supposedly a lifetime.” And Maks has already found plenty to admire in the new lady in his life.I just wanted to cry and be alone.” But Erin was supposed to rehearse with Maks that night.

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Gurl HAD to anticipate that this would be a possibility!

Here's hoping that whatever left-over emotions and heartbreak there may be will translate well into an especially FIERCE competition, come March!

” Making it easier to keep on dancing has been Maks, whom she has found comfort in on and off the dance floor.

The two frequently dine together long after rehearsal is over-“He knows all the great places to go,” she gushes-and he’s taken on an informal bodyguard role as Erin, who is based in Atlanta, adjusts to a new life in Los Angeles.

I was still in my sneakers, and he just said, ‘Come on, let’s go.’ He’s been so protective.

He’s genuinely worried about me, and I think that’s so sweet and compassionate. “I text her 10 million times a day: ‘Do you need anything? ’ It took her a while to realize I’m not sucking up to her like most everybody else in her life. This is real.” It’s a far cry from Maks’ last love affair, which had its own share of drama."The two did not want to be photographed together and did the best they could to avoid the cameras," a source told E! "They left the event around midnight and went to Catch sushi bar, that turns into a club.The two partied until the early hours."One thing's for sure: these two make one hot couple!I’m so thankful to be with him.” But Maks is grateful that he can be a rock for his partner. This past September he ended his engagement to fellow ballroom pro Karina Smirnoff right before the start of season 9 of ; those close to Maks later said that Karina had broken his heart, leaving him feeling devastated and betrayed.Even worse, the two pros then encountered each other all season long, which made for more than a few awkward moments and plenty of tension. “Emotionally, it’s black and white where I was then and where I am now,” Maks says, noting that he “absolutely” still believes in love.“He’s always texting me at night to make sure I got home okay,” she says with a smile. “I thought I was going to pass out talking to the judge because I was so upset.