If your idea of the perfect mate who is Irish or loves all things Irish, Irish Lassies and Lads, Jigs, Hurling, St.

They are stunning and their English accents are very attractive.

Because of immigration, there is sure to be a gorgeous woman that fits any mans taste.

They come in many forms of appearance, are educated, and independent.

Also, Irish women have the advantage of fulfilling many different tastes of men because everyone one of them are different.

The amazing country of Ireland is home to the best beer on the planet and leprechaun’s.

It is a rooted country with rich history and centuries of development.

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They expect to be treated as equals and are currently in the midst of a strong feminist movement.

They do expect a “please” and “thank you”, however the traditional views of pulling out her chair and opening doors for her is not as common as it used to be.

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