You will need to try and take some extra precautions when doing this.And if all of that didn’t sound bad enough you have to deal with the fact that you can’t bring an Iranian girl back to your hotel room.

Iran sex girls-86

So you need to be very careful when mongering and have luck on your side when paying for sex in Tehran.

There are no strip clubs around, at least not ones that any tourist will find.

That is the word for nightclub, and there are always hookers in nightclubs. Find an expat that knows where to monger in Tehran and hope that he will tell you about your options.

Or just ask a taxi to drive you around the main streets in the nice part of the city and look for girls standing on the side of the road. Find a local that knows the scene and have him help you out.

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There are lots of prostitutes in this city, just as there are in any major city around the world.

However you are going to face some stiffer penalties if you get caught here, so you need luck on your side.

The rich in the area surely have some fun with naked lady dancers, but good luck finding them.

There are many brothels but again as a tourist they will be hard to find.

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