I take it as a compliment, but it does suck since its a hindrance on meeting new people and making even plain old friends.

I am learing it is best to speak up when an issue first arises.

It helps in the long run."Also, I have a bad habit of being passive, which causes problems.

some women don't like me becoz they see me as aloof. I've seen my friends intimidate men on many occasions. I feel so alone and misunderstood and I’m hoping someone can give me some kind of insight or advice. If you wish to find a team/placement to represent or would like to discuss the going ons in the league please go to the DXPIL Players Lounge here: https:// Hello all, I'd love your views on it.

they don't know that i just don't want to be close to them that's why im putting up the barrier, and i am a very private person. I dated this guy a few years ago and met a couple of times - had a kiss and a cuddle and then he went off to his job offshore and i moved states for work.

"I personally think no women will feel completely comfortable leaving their man alone with a Scorpio woman." LOL..my experience, no woman I've known has felt comfortable leaving their man with me. I just think it's the confidence you exude..then again, I DO have scorp in me. Its sad though."For many, confidence tends to attract people, in a positive way..repel them." It attracts men and repels women. If other women consider you beautiful or you have looks men find appealing, you'll naturally repel the competition. I have ALWAYS had more male friends than female since I was in grammer school... They are TRUE, males are so much easier to get along with, you can learn so much from them about men. Wow, a scorp used those same words as it related to him getting closer to me and never being able to return. I honestly don't think I intimidate anyone, men or women. I do my thing, and I don't really bother anyone else.

I still think it's the confidence.***They could be comparing themselves with you and finding they may be the total opposite and wonder what their men see in them. I know a lot of women dont like me yet I pretty much keep to myself. I enjoy that the most sometimes they get so comfortable with me around they some things about women and I have to remind them I am a woman and I am present. Yes, I am a pretty girl, but I have yet to meet a woman who didn't trust me, specifically, around her guy. The one that all the guys thought was laid back and, loads and fun, and full of laughs, once they got to know me.

If ever I get self-consious of how I'll come off to others, my friends say, "Relaaaax! " The only thing that gets me into trouble with folks is my sense of humor.

Some find me a little TOO silly, once I've opened up. The last time a woman didn't like me, it was because I didn't get her a Christmas present (nevermind that she hadn't gotten me one either, lol).

Its definitely insecurity, but all women tend to ask the 'why me? They laugh it off and are like yeah but you are our buddy... Otherwise, I tend to be bashful, especially at first.""I've never really had women dislike me, other than in elementary and Junior high school,..."" Ditto.