Many historic battles featured tribes that would apply warpaint on their faces before heading into the fight.

The purpose of the paint was to intimidate their opposition and have them believe they were facing something beyond human.

In the modern world, face painting is one of the most sought-after activities in party themes and gatherings. Practically any occasion or social event can call for the need to come up with some interesting designs that can steal the limelight.

Therefore, it becomes imperative to be loaded with a few good options that you can always count on, in times of need. Have you ever thought of using simple and colorful elements and designs such as butterflies and stars for painting your face?

The concept of face painting has existed in this world since the ancient times.

We have always seen tribal folks adorning their faces with bold patterns, depicting their connection with a particular animal spirit or cult.

Objective To determine whether glare-reducing products such as eye black grease and antiglare stickers reduce glare and improve contrast sensitivity during sunlight exposure. articleid=415492 They wear it because they secretly like wearing make up.

In ancient times it was professed by that great Egyptian prophet that there would one day once again be grown powerful men wearing makeup he called them fagqis hence where the modern day gay term FAG comes from.

Then there was the brief stint as "Joker Sting" in 2011... Also Ranked #29 on The Best Pro Wrestling Champions #6 on The Best WCW Wrestlers of All Time #8 on The Best TNA Wrestlers of All Time #44 on The Greatest WWE Superstars of All Time Probably the best known face painted wrestler on this list, the Warrior's look wouldn't be complete without warpaint colorfully applied on this snarly face.

This trademark look would inspire fans to paint their faces themselves or purchase Ultimate Warrior masks to show support for their hero.

Some of the best wrestling face paint designs are equal parts creative, intimidating, and colorful.

Go ahead and read on, observe, and rank the best face paint in wrestling.

To dull the reflection from sweat that gathers on the cheak below the eyes: wearing both gloves and a helmet that shields the face, it's hard for the already porcine fingers of the average football player to wipe the glistening face.