The Ability of Periorbitally Applied Antiglare Products to Improve Contrast Sensitivity in Conditions of Sunlight Exposure Background: Sun glare decreases athletes' contrast sensitivity and impairs their ability to distinguish objects from background.Many commercial products claim to reduce glare but have not been proven effective in clinical studies.The concept of face painting has existed in this world since the ancient times.

Also Ranked #36 on The Greatest Pro Wrestlers of All Time #32 on The Best WCW Wrestlers of All Time #14 on The Best Tag Teams in WCW History Finn Bálor has been using face and body paint since his time in the indies and Japan, usually painting himself to look like Venom, The Joker, and a number of different characters from pop culture.

Now in NXT, his opponents know that he's bringing his A-game when he dons the warpaint of the "The Demon."Also Ranked #15 on The Best Highflyers In Wrestling History #3 on Who Do You Think Will Win The 2017 Royal Rumble?

To dull the reflection from sweat that gathers on the cheak below the eyes: wearing both gloves and a helmet that shields the face, it's hard for the already porcine fingers of the average football player to wipe the glistening face.

I don't know much about American Footballers, but the Turkey and Barcelona goalkeeper Rustu Recber also sports this 'war paint' under his eyes.

Multiple internal reflections CAN cause the incident light to be reflected as a Reflex angle of 330-358 degrees that COULD reach the human cornea.

This would amount to at most 1% of the incident light and thus would be insignificant to sportsmen or women.

Some of the best wrestling face paint designs are equal parts creative, intimidating, and colorful.

Go ahead and read on, observe, and rank the best face paint in wrestling.

Many historic battles featured tribes that would apply warpaint on their faces before heading into the fight.