Then, since the aim of online dating is to select who is the best among the thousands of searches, the searcher must go on numerous online and real-world dating to filter out who will succeed in getting the coveted second date.If one is using multiple dating apps, then this dating schedule should be very exhausting.

These too many choices and too many options can also reduce intimacy.

Personally, the digital age has not ruined dating but it has changed it.

As they say first impression is the last impression! An impression needs to be created with your sense of dressing, your manners, your thoughts, your personal hygiene and your habits.

Your date may not judge you but you are surely leaving an impression on your date.

It can save a lot of time if you are just thoughtful in making your profile.

Be specific in introducing yourself and not use general descriptions.Back in the old days, dating was simple then and the internet age came and online dating changes everything.The internet changes the way we interact with people, how we do it and when we do it.Unlike in the real world where you can just move somewhere, it is hard to complete erase connections in the virtual world.In terms of dating, it is hard when you are always available virtually everywhere as people can already screen you and not chose you for online dating.Dating a different individual has its own challenges however such is the fun and craze of dating that all challenges are put in the backseat and people gel together well to create a new relationship which they sometimes carry for life.